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‘Fairy-ing the Lost Boys’, Art of Bodybending’s First EP

‘Fairy-ing the Lost Boys’, Art of Bodybending’s First EP

Mynila Team April 24, 2020 Music & Culture

After stretching the limits of art forms like dance through her contortions and theater through fearless improv, Art of Bodybending journeys back to her past to bring you the story of her first ever love and art form – Music.

She just released her very first EP, Fairy-ing the Lost Boys, a collection of songs she has written from 2009-2019.

Fairy-ing the Lost Boys is an avant-garde musical narrative about what happens to a girl from an all-girls school when she enters the world of men.

“It’s called Fairy-ing the Lost Boys because I realized that all this time, I thought I was the protagonist of the love story that was happening in my life, but that was just an illusion”, the singer-songwriter explains when asked about her work. “The truth was, ako lang yug taga-hatid ng mga lalaking yun. The role that I played in my story was the ferryer in a river of death, whom people only passed with to get where they needed to go. Like a grab driver, braving the journey through hell, este EDSA, to bring some lucky guy to their destination in life, while they leave you stuck in your position without a single thought.”

Though the premise may seem dark, it is mixed with the whimsical and innocent magic that is in Art of Bodybending’s storytelling.

“I may have been ferrying the lost boys, but I am still a fairy, and I can always choose to stop wasting my magic on these lost boys, and take off and fly”, quips the multidisciplinary artist.

Her narrative brings a new type of feminism to the table, the kind that sees the power in remaining soft and sweet amidst the pain, for gentleness is a power in its own, and girls don’t need to be tough like boys to come out a winner.

Truly a brave and innovative masterpiece unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the local music scene, Fairy-ing the Lost Boys is a daring reimagination of the near death of a heart into an empowering story of hope that girls from exclusive schools and everyone else alike can relate with.

The music is just as eclectic as Art of Bodybending’s artistic style and storytelling itself, blending the singer’s opera background with a one-man electronic symphony orchestra, paying homage to her vast musical influences, including disco, funk, new wave, swing, and even church music. There is no limit as to how far this up-and-coming artist is willing to push the envelope.