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Saturday, 18th May 2019
Thriving Life Yoga Retreat & Discovery Workshop

Event Admin: Flow Retreats

Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

07:00 AM

Are you ready to live a happier, more passionate, and purposeful life? This retreat marks your new beginning – a valuable realignment and reset that allows you to design a life you love 100%.

By combining science, spirituality, and mindfulness techniques, you will come out of this event connected with yourself like never before. It is filled with yoga, meditation, nature and four self-discovery workshops created by Pangea – a creative retreat company based in California.

If you are stuck, looking for positive change, or are simply keen to raise self-awareness, this transformational experience is for you. With crystal-clear clarity, you will discover the path to your meaningful, empowered, and thriving life.

Many surprises will unravel about yourself and everything will combine to bring out the best version of you thus far. Don’t miss it!

Our Sacred Space

Nestled in Tagaytay’s lush landscape, Casa Alegria is a bed and breakfast only two hours away from the city. Surrounded by serene nature, it’s the ideal place to bliss out and decompress. With verdant gardens and rooftop views of Taal Volcano, this place offers many spaces for reflection and relaxation.


Self-Awareness Exercise 

Do you know why you behave in certain ways? Why you love some things and others bother you? The first workshop is an exploration of your unique personality. Meet yourself in-depth and unravel your own power and strengths through a scientific MBTI approach to personality analysis.

Values Alignment Workshop

Much of your unhappiness and stress come from a disconnect between your values and the life you live. Discover, align, and evaluate your values in the second workshop and have the building blocks for a satisfying life.

Thriving Life Creation

Discover how your thriving life looks like and make it happen right now! In the final workshop, reflect deeply on all areas of your life and look beyond the standard answers. At the end, you will know exactly where you stand, where you want to go, and which steps to take to create a life you love 100%.


Yoga helps us to move and connect with our mind body and spirit, through intentional movements that will help us open up muscles slowly.


Meditation helps achieve a mentally and emotionally calm state and allows us to see things and situations clearly in new perspectives.

Package Rate Sale Ended P 13,280.00
+P45 booking fee

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