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Live Music
Monday, 27th May 2019
Ska sa Dulo – May 27

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Dulo MNL, P. Guanzon, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

09:00 PM

A new genre is joining the roster of Dulo live music during Mondays and who better to start this off but Todo Pasa!

A ska band collectively known as Todo Pasa formed in 2018. In its literal meaning “everything happens.”

Tuesday Vargas (of Put3Ska and Top Junk) on vocals. Bing Austria (from Put3Ska, Juan Pablo Dream and Flippin’ Soul Stomppers) on vocals. Paul Puti-an (of Snubnose, Coffeebreak Island and The Borrachos) on guitar and vocals.

Joining them are scene makers Dennis Delos Santos (of Snubnose, Coffeebreak Island and Top Junk) on drums, Romel Manuel (from Snubnose, Coffeebreak Island, and Put3Ska) on bass, Raffie Miranda (of Coffeebreak Island and The Borrachos) on keyboard and back-up vocals, Eldie Siochi (of Put3Ska, Flippin’ Soul Stompers) playing the trumpet, Christian Moseros (of Shuffle Union) on sax and Marlon Palustre also from Shuffle Union playing the trombone.

Tuesday Vargas on the meaning of the band’s name - “Once they’re on stage they’re letting go of everything, and giving everything at the same time.”

More details on Dulo MNL fb page
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