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Art & Culture
Saturday, 1st Feb 2020
She, Exhibition Opening

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Art Anton Gallery, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

06:00 PM

Group Exhibiti featuring recent works from; RC RC, Jay Bermudez Reynard Borillo, Eric Perreras, Edu Perreras, Erwin Pineda, Jason Bequillo, Thomas Daquioag, Emmanuel Nim, Nelson Bosita, Norlie Meimban, Dexter Simsim, Kyle Vizcara, Yanna Guillermo and Reynold dela Cruz.

With their portrayals of women in different guises and intervals in life, the artists present works that represent the various vicissitudes of beauty, providing audiences with a deeper appreciation of visual appeal while pondering on aesthetics, or, put simply, why pretty little objects give one pleasure.

From the Venus of Hohle Fels, the earliest Venus figurine, to Warhol’s world-famous and pop culture icon Marilyn Diptych, artists have been fascinated with unravelling women in art. As each interpretation seemingly coaxes the viewer into reflection, She as a collective gathering of art pieces unobtrusively leads to American philosopher Denis Dutton’s universal signatures in human aesthetics identified: all are created with unquestionable artistic skills, and seeing them give us pleasure for their own sake. The styles are recognizable and true to form, simulating our experiences of the world, and perhaps, create more of what is ideal in figuration. They make life less ordinary as they focus on manmade tableaus set to appeal to our senses; as such, they are open not only to personal appreciation, but also to our own interpretation. She is the essence of a woman made tangible in its different forms, with Her beauty depending on what we see and how it makes us feel.
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