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Live Music
Thursday, 28th Feb 2019
Royal Hartigan live at Limbo – February 28

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Limbo, General Luna, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

10:00 PM

Second leg of Royal Hartigans and Friends at Limbo

Royal Hartigan is a percussionist, pianist and tap dancer who has studied and performed the musics of Asia, Africa, Europe, West Asia and the Americas. He has trained and travelled in different continents and is involved in ongoing research on the music, culture, meaning of the music, dance and expressions of the world’s peoples. He has received many awards for global research, performance and teaching, and published Blood Drum Spirit: Drum Languages of West Africa, African America, Native America, Central Java and South India, an analysis of world drumming traditions.

Countryman Rick is an American jazz saxophonist and flautist. Rick has been an active member of the Manila jazz scene. He leads and performs in ensembles on baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, alto flute and bass flute; performing original compositions as well as free jazz/improvisation, in his own jazz quartets and trios.

Tusa Montes is an indigenous percussionist, ethnomusicologist, and professor from the University of the Philippines College of Music. She has studied various Kulintang styles and has a passion for, knowledge and skill in African and Afro-Latin music.

Datu Arellano is a visual artist, a musician, a designer, a retired front-end web developer, an educator, and an active member of the Anino Shadowplay Collective, a group that specializes in shadow puppetry. As a practitioner he straddles multiple contexts of visual and performing arts, and works within the traditional forms of drawing, painting, and sculpture; the experimental aspects of sound design, music, and video; and the commercial contexts of graphic design.

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