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Art & Culture
Friday, 21st Feb 2020
Polysemy: Connecting Kink and Visual Arts

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

G.I.G., Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

07:00 PM

The world is as diverse as it gets, with people having innate preferences, interests, and beliefs. In result, these differences create numerous cultures and communities. Yet rooted in deep tradition, some are easily accepted by the majority while some are otherwise. These dissimilar treatments inevitably form the concepts of inclusion/exclusion. Individuals are coerced to abide by what is deemed 'acceptable', or live in fear of the latter.

The project, “Polysemy,” aims to disestablish this phenomenon. Individuals are entitled to the freedom of expression without harm. The spearheads, Ian Inoy and Danielle Lopez (Nudista), believe that as artists and human beings, we should allow ourselves to do numerous and limitless things.

Polysemy tackles the multiplicity of an artwork, wherein every meaning is accepted as it is. The exhibition consists of multiple artworks ranging from paintings, sculptures, and performances.

With this exhibition, the artists break the walls built around communities and enable individuals to enjoy every form that they want, whether it be creating, participating, or appreciating art.

Exhibition period: February 22 - 28
Location Information

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