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Sunday, 10th Nov 2019
Official celebration launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

green sun, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

01:00 PM

Official celebration for debut Sundrop ((( 1 ))): one of Manila’s underground gems of neo-soul music, who had disappeared from us since 2012, is returning to our world to translate messages that come from her journeys off-grid.

Now, with a name that she intends to not be pronounced, artist ((( O ))) has founded The Sundrop Garden to present her debut album entitled “((( 1 )))”, as the first of a 12-series of albums, or “sundrops”. Each sundrop is composed of 12 tracks, or “moondrops”, that have been gathered every full moon.


12PM - 5PM

LOCAL SUSTAINABLE BRANDS & VENDORS: Support and interact with local sustainable brands and organisations sharing their vision and displaying their philippine-resourced products and missions before reaching the entrance of the ‘Listening Gallery’, so that everyone who will come to the gathering, has the opportunity to leave the space as a more environmentally-friendly human being.

THE LISTENING GALLERY: Immerse into a "listening gallery" representation of the virtual garden at, where each room has a visual experience, binaural beat, native plant, and selected aromas dedicated to each moondrop from sundrop ((( 1 ))). We want to shed valuable light on our inherited identity, from the root, to the next generation, by reconnecting with these hidden treasures.

2:00 PM - Philippine Native Tree by Imelda Sarmiento of Green Convergence
3:00 PM - Urban Gardening by Nicolo Aberasturi Down To Earth
4:00 PM - Seed Saving by Karla Delgado from Kai Farms

5PM - 11PM

MUSICAL GATHERING: The entire room becomes a 360 degree projection experience for the opening ceremony, drum circle, selected musical acts of underground Manila, and closing performance by ((( O ))) and special guests.

5:00 PM - Opening Ceremony: Space Clearing + SILENT PLANT SWAP
Drum Ritual + MOONROOMS are lifted
5:30 PM - 11:00 PM Musical acts to be announced.

More details on The Sundrop Garden Fb page

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