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Saturday, 26th Oct 2019
Modified Signals at Limbo – October 26

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Limbo, General Luna, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

10:00 PM

MODIFIED SIGNALS is a platform featuring live performances by artists engaged in electronic, experimental, new music, improv and noise.

Live sets by Antechamber and Seiches on Saturday, October 26th. Music starts at 10.

ANTECHAMBER explores sound as space, leading you to rooms within rooms of processed echoes, otherworldly cracks and effects-laden walls. Ramon Mayor describes the sound as "ambient guitar with lithium grease".

SEICHES are standing waves in an enclosed body of water; a phenomena caused by disturbances such as oscillation and harmonic resonance. Causing a ripple with textural, melancholic music, Seiches are Aj Domingo, Jewy Santos and Arvin Nogueras.
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