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Art & Culture
Friday, 21st Feb 2020
Mndfck: A Night of Mind Reading

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Commune, Polaris, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

08:00 PM

A night of live mind reading starring Justin Pinon and Tom Weil!

About the mind readers:

Justin Piñon is an award winning Mentalist who goes by the moniker “Mental Assassin”. As a Mentalist, he can seem to read your mind and manipulate your behavior and decisions. He does not claim to possess either supernatural powers or psychic abilities. However, he can figure out what you are thinking through the use of Psychology, observation, hypnosis, the power of suggestion, and stagecraft.

No thought is safe! Tom Weil has been performing magic at VIP events around the world for over 15 years.

Originally from London, England, he's now bringing his unique brand of magic and mind reading to the Philippines & all across Asia. As a member of the world famous organisation, The Magic Circle, he has performed at thousands of events, performing for small groups of just 15-20 at a house party or entertaining on stage for 1000s. Tom guarantees that your guests will remember the show for years to come!

Using a combination of psychology and suggestions techniques, combined with conjuring methods, Tom will tell you things he CAN'T POSSIBLY KNOW! But don't worry, Tom would never share his secrets, so he won't share your's either.
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