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Sunday, 29th Mar 2020
Micro Galleries Live Festival – March 29

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Escolta Street, Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

10:00 AM

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations and mega biodiversity countries. But this diversity doesn’t halt with the birds and the tamaraw: the urban spaces are some of the most dynamic, insane, colourful mashups of history, architecture, innovative living and city-survival adaptation you will ever see.

And the emerging cultural epicentre of the Gotham-guised Manila is Escolta. Perched with pride on the edge of Binondo, Escolta is a cultural conga congee of Malay, Arab, China, and American influence with flair that only Filipino’s can bring. Knocked about by nature and colonisation, Escolta has formed a new, unique identity and proud community who are ready to show the world how incredible their block is.

This year’s Micro Galleries Live Festival theme is  Displace[ME]nt: Movement of people, economies, climate, human rights. From no place, to making space.

What does the shifting nature of Escolta’s identity mean to people who live there? How does the displacement of so many around the Philippines affect their urban landscape? How does the displacement of those who have made Escolta their home, through rapid development, affect them and wider-Manila? How do you forge new space and meaning in a place crumbling with meaning and no space?

Opening Night: 27 March / Live Weekend: 27 – 29 March / Open-Air Galleries: 27 March – 14 April
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