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Thursday, 13th Feb 2020
“Love Not Love” Exhibition Opening

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

KONDWI, Albert, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

06:00 PM

Love Not Love examines a range of interpersonal relational cliches based on society’s pre-existing notions on the different forms of love that has been cemented into its collective consciousness. While it comes in multiple shapes, colors, and sounds, each of us have our own clear-cut definition of what love is and isn’t— and any attempt to commit to an all-encompassing interpretation will either fall short or fall into any one of the commonplace categories. Bringing their own charm, wit, and sardonicisms to the space, creatives across different practices are invited to present their own perspectives on love as the centerpiece of one of the most anticipated (or dreaded) days of the year.

Curated by David Laboy
Featuring works by: 1111, Georjanno Abenoja, Poeleen Alvarez, Steph Alvarez, Abbey Batocabe, Mariano Batocabe, Antonia Baytion, Mars Bugaoan, HNNH, Hubineer, Lilianna Manahan, Danikah Novio.
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