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Art & Culture
Thursday, 5th Mar 2020
Imogen, Exhibition Opening

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Modeka Creative Space, Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

06:00 PM

Modeka second group show: IMOGEN, curated by Ayni Nuyda.

Featuring artists:
Allyssa Heuze
Ambie Abaño
Aze Ong
Beatrix Syjuco
Ciane Xavier
Marge Organo
Monica Delgado
Ovvian Castrillo
Romina Diaz

Imogen highlights a selection of female artists based in the Philippines and abroad who embrace distinct qualities, technique, and skill that are expressed in their respective art. Each artwork creates a window to the minds of these contemporary artists with the intent of putting the self in the limelight, setting race and gender to the sidelines.

Ovvian taps into her core and extends a legacy...
Romina captures abstraction in her composition...
Monica performs conceptual destruction...
Ambie responds to existence, the being, and the natural...
Beatrix pulls in visceral responses through colour and texture...
Ciane dives into the sense of self...
Allyssa snaps objects, the birds, and the bees...
Aze tackles the beauty and challenges of obligation...
Marge extends her dynamic personality with light and iridescence...

The exhibition unfolds impressions of individuals that substantiates overlaying meanings circling dignity and worth. Imogen provides a visual path that attempts to surface the underlying vision of the self behind today’s understanding of democracy.

Exhibit will run until March 28, 2020.
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