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Art & Culture
Saturday, 10th Nov 2018
Human Error, Exhibition Opening

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Arts Above, West Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

05:00 PM

The aim of this exhibition is defined to what is considered as “human error”. It is very difficult to provide a satisfactory explanation of human errors, as they are often a result of a complicated sequence of events and therefore an elusive phenomenon to analyze. 
However, Reason has defined “human error” in the following way: "Error will be taken as a generic term to encompass all those occasions in which a planned sequence of mental or physical activities fails to achieve its intended outcome.” On the other hand, it has been said that errors, or mistakes is human.
Human error is an element that cannot be totally eliminated, but if the typical errors are identified, most of them can also be prevented while some of it can also be a break through that can open a new variety of concept/idea.
Cheryl Owen
Raine Sarmiento
Roman Padilla
Angelo Padilla
Iori Espiritu
Josarvida Bourbon
Denver Garza 

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