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Saturday, 19th Oct 2019
He Walked This Way: a Tribute to Carlos Celdran

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

04:00 PM

'Carlos Celdran worked tirelessly to make people to see the beauty of the Old City. He was a rabble rouser, a rule-breaker, a non-conformist who challenged the way things were done and who shattered perceptions and protocol. All this to reclaim a city many have given up on. It's almost as if he gave his life so that Manila may live again.'

This two-part event will start off with The Last Walk This Way tour, to be conducted by Gabe Mercado.

Meeting point at Fort Santiago at 4pm for the performance tour. Afterwards, you will make your way to Puerta Real Gardens for a night of toasts and tributes to the Pied Piper of Manila.

Register via VivaManila Fb page.
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