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Art & Culture
Thursday, 7th Nov 2019
Forest Friends: a Fundraising Event for the Aeta Tribe

Event Admin: For The Forest

Verde, Población

07:00 PM

Calling all our Forest Friends!!!

Save November 7, 2019 for the trees, as we bring the forest closer to you.

Set off the night with us as we raise funds for the reforestation efforts in Yangil, Zambales. A land owned by the indigenous Aeta Tribe that resides there. A land to be the new home of our growing forest.

Each ticket sold will fund one tree in Yangil and get you a beer to party with our Forest Friends!!!

With performances by:

Basically Saturday Night

Leanne And Naara

Rice Lucido

No One's Home

With DJ sets by:

Local Sun x Captain Planet

St. Vincent and the Geradines


Filipino House Barkada

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