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Art & Culture
Tuesday, 25th Feb 2020
Fringe Festival: In Paglayag Film Screening

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Pineapple Lab, R Palma, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

07:00 PM

Screening of the documentary film "IN PAGLAYAG" The Voyage that talks about one aspect of Sulu history.

Run-time: 30 minutes
Genre: Documentary

A short documentary about one aspect of the washed away history of Sulu, the kingdom that birthed the Filipino Moro nation, and whose power gained influence even from China's Ming Dynasty in 1400s.

The story begins from the great voyage of the Balangay with Sulu's eastern King to China 600 years ago before the arrival of the multiple foreign invaders, of whom the Sultanate fervently fought, that tarnished a once glorious civilisation in the southern most region of the Philippines. And how it was robbed of its place in the Philippine history due to colonisation.

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