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Saturday, 14th Mar 2020
Form | Kata Proto-type: Roberto M.A. Robles

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Up Jorge B Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

06:00 PM

Form | Kata Proto-type
Pag-saka ng Katagalugan
The Red Deer Route
Identity in Post-sculpture Works
Roberto M.A. Robles

The University of the Philippines Vargas Museum, in partnership with Galleria Duemila, opens the solo exhibition of Roberto M.A. Robles, Form | Kata Prototype.

Roberto M.A. Robles returns to the UP Vargas Museum with the exhibition Form | Kata Prototype, a conceptual continuation of Tagalog at Taga-ilog mounted eight years past. Perceiving the metaphysical universe to be beyond the realm of figuration, Robles executes his minimalist post-sculptural forms in marble mined from the marble-rich mountains of Teresa, Rizal. The rough and unfinished metamorphic rock is hewn simply – into cubes, a cross, a cuboid, and escombro (debris) – belying the semiotic depth drawn out by Robles. Form | Kata Prototype is a proposal of Tagalog identity, a dissection of form to reveal layers formed by periods of intense heat and pressure: primordial beginnings and migrations evidenced by petroglyphs, fossils, and oral mythology, colonial conquest and revolution, political unrest and radical cultural shifts, and the contemporary milieu. The exhibition is an invitation to formulate Filipino counter-narratives, casting off the cultural dominance of the current Euro-centric world.

Visual artist Roberto M.A. Robles hails from Tuy, Batangas and has been an active artist for forty years. He graduated from the University of the East in 1980 then completed his MFA in Sculpture at the University of Tsukuba, Japan in 1995. He has exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Yuchengco Museum, UP Vargas Museum, at Alliance Francaise (France), the 17th Asian International Art Exhibition (S. Korea), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum (Japan), and at various other exhibitions in Chile, South Africa, and Australia.

Form | Kata Prototype will be on view at the 1F Lobby, West Wing, and 1F Landing Galleries of the UP Vargas Museum until 9 May, 2020. A related exhibition, Form | Ode Katha will be on view at Galleria Duemila from 7-31 March 2020.
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