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Art & Culture
Saturday, 22nd Feb 2020
Deus Sex Machina 24: To Have and to Ho

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Draper Startup House for Entrepreneurs, P Burgos, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

09:00 PM

For Deus Sex Machina's sixth year at FringeMNL, they're celebrating Deus Sex Matrimony!

Two of their members met during rehearsals way back in 2016 and now they're married! Like, for real!

So now they're going to celebrate their union the only way comedians can: BY TURNING EVERYTHING THEY LOVE INTO SEX JOKES.

Star Wars! Best Friends Forever! Conyos, bro! SENTIENT CARGO PANTS??? Buffy the Vampire Slayer (FINALLY)!!! ...Anarcho-Transhumanism? Bands that play music! And the prompt that started this love affair: EROTIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!!

Watch all of these things get turned into original sex comedy scripts read live for your pleasure!

Tickets are available at the gate for P350.

(Poster by Award-Winning Sex Champion Rob Cham)
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