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Art & Culture
Wednesday, 20th May 2020
COVIDx Talk: Creating With Uncertainty

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Metro Manila, Philippines

08:00 PM

Creating With Uncertainty. Explore the potential of the unknown, and how different creatives are working through these crazy times. Free.

What is uncertainty, and the reciprocity between an artist and the unknown? Join Micro Galleries for a two-hour series of presentations, where five of their MG International Artist Collective will explore how they are creating with uncertainty in these crazy times. They will delve into their practices, lived experience and diverse cultural reality in order to unpack how their creative and personal identity is intertwined or removed from the concept of uncertainty, how the uncertain picture of today and tomorrow informs their practice, and the optimism of uncertainty and generating opportunity through foraging for the new

Meena Khalili Design at Curiosity HQ
Designer and Educator / USA
An artist who uses design as a strategy for creation. A designer who brings artistic methods to her solutions.

Visual Artist / Spain
Visual artist based in Madrid who is interested in changes, movement, and the relationship between people and the environment.

Sarah Sculley
Urban Artist / Australia
An urban artist who creates colourful, emotive, layered work. Inspired by the female form, typography, and colour, Sarah mixes these elements to create vibrant murals, over-sized canvas artworks and street posters.

Dakarai Akil
Collage Artist and Designer / USA
A collage artist taking his art from galleries to the streets using wheatpaste to reach untapped audiences in his community.

Ben Xiamen Taranto
Artist and Activist / Australia
Ben makes monumnets of, and memorials to nature as we watch it (and capture it in high definition) disappearing before our eyes.

Streaming on Micro Galleries Fb page
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