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Art & Culture
Saturday, 22nd Feb 2020
Artempus X: A Group Exhibition

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Astbury, Orion, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

06:00 PM

ARTEMPUS X: A group show about the romance of directions, the nuances of every day, and the powers of the universe at play.

Artempus is a multidisciplinary concept in which we construct layers of stories, sharing bouts of nostalgia, love, and art as a time capsule of memories. Now, we are navigating across latitudes of laughter versus discontent through the Tarot. We piece together a path through codes and signs that intertwine; and thus make sense of where we're from, where we are, and where we’re going.

This exhibition is part of Fringe Manila 2020


CHINO CARLO is a Filipino visual artist that considers himself as a child of the internet, thus he dreams to live a life that is as colorful as his filtered Instagram posts. He just finished taking a management diploma course in Innovation and Creative Enterprise under Thames International under a full scholarship provided by The British Council and Apl De Ap Foundation. He was the delegate Manila in the Young Cultural Innovators Summit in Salzburg, Austria.

He is a traditional artist that does pencil and ink sketches, watercolor and acrylic paintings. Since 2017 he has been working on pieces that fall under the fluid art category. He uses an improvised mix of acrylic and glue that he then blowtorches to make abstract pieces that are psychedelic and mind-boggling to look at. The process itself is already worth the watch. He has a total of 23 exhibits under his belt, his most special one being the solo exhibition he did in Sentro Rizal, London last June 2019.

When he is not making art, he creates content for brands and works as a social media manager and community management work. He dreams to be a teacher someday.

That blue-haired girl from Manila.

As a graduate from the College of Saint Benilde's esteemed Photography course, Dar San Agustin started her career in the wedding industry. She left the highly-competitive field years later to pursue the adventurous life of being a freelance artist - constantly maintaining the balance of working in the academe, establishing her professional brand as a portrait and event photographer, and devoting time to develop her personal style of artistry.

In her work, Dar incorporates three vital elements:

'the natural' — which are elements found in nature,
'the artificial' — one or more of the current photographic technologies to serve as the foundation or canvas, and
'the process' — the immersion of oneself in all aspects of the creation of the art.

Dar had two solo exhibits: "Prussian Blues" with Fringe Manila in 2019, and "Romantic Browns" with Pineapple Lab in 2018. She has also participated in a number of local and international group exhibits like the "Bloom Arts Festival," and "Carnal" in Mono8 Gallery; and "Light Sensitive 2019" at Art Intersection, Arizona and the recent group show "United By Art" held at the Consulate of Mexico in Tucson, Arizona.

JANROE CABILES is a writer of fiction and poetry, moonlighting as a content creator, SEO copywriter, social media manager, and feature writer by day. As a compass of sorts, she naturally finds herself wherever words take her.

Outside of editorial work and content creation, she is a modern poet and aspiring novelist, with the chosen weapon of prose. Inspired by numerous books, movies (especially the works of Wong, Linklater, and Lanthimos), and everything related to the human experience in regard to memory and language, her works revolve around everyday life and what we carry with us: nostalgia, love, regret, or power. She also experiments with mixed media, incorporating film, flowers, and other curious objects lying around her room. She has been apart of multiple exhibits under Fringe Manila and the Philippine Embassy in London.
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