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Art & Culture
Tuesday, 18th Feb 2020
Abortion of Cute Exhibition Opening

Event Admin: Mynila’s Choice

Artinformal Greenhills, Connecticut Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

06:00 PM

Curated by Manuel Ocampo

"Art is above all a celebration of our freedom, of the extent to which we are uncoupled from the material world and the constraints of organic life. it is a celebration of life. It is a celebration of life lived rather than merely endured; of our ability to face the world rather than merely be absorbed in it. Think of a landscape painting: through it, we can visit places without being exposed to them. A portrait allows us to look into the face of another without being ourselves gazed at. Art also enables us to cultivate our emotions - fear, delight, sadness - for their own sake. Such emotions are purified by being gathered up into the perfected forms of music, of narrative, of a canvas. We do other things for their own sake, as when we dance for the joy and the spectacle of movement, rather than walking in order to get somewhere.
In art we play with the time that otherwise has a tight grip on us; music connects its successive moments with its beginning and its end creating a journey that is all arrival; the opening and closing of a narrative makes past, present and future co-present. These are different ways of healing the wound in the present tense- where ideas of experience hollow out actual experiences such that what is expected when experiences are sought for their own sake does not match reality - and of giving us fullness of presence, self- presence and of the presence of the world."
- Raymond Tallis excerpt from Human Nature and Animal Nature, Becoming Animal exhibition catalogue, Hatje Cantz
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