Embrace the Fun, Freedom and Spirit of the Beach While Living Life by One Simple Rule: #BeachFreely

Embrace the Fun, Freedom and Spirit of the Beach While Living Life by One Simple Rule: #BeachFreely

Mynila Team July 8, 2019 Lifestyle

We all love taking a break from the city and there is no better way to step into the get away vibe than by doing it responsibly without sacrificing style and comfort.

Whether it’s on a surfboard, while diving, snorkeling, swimming, or just getting your feet wet while spending time with your barkada, the goal is to make the most out of the sand and sea and fully embrace the spirit of beach-life: so wear your eco-friendly OOTD and be a responsible traveller.

How can you start being a responsible traveller? Carry a garbage bag in your trips: when you arrive at a beach and see trash, don’t turn away and leave a bad review. Instead, pull it out and spend few minutes cleaning the shores, only few minutes to ensure that washed-up trash does not head back to sea!

Where to get your eco-friendly OOTD? REEF got you covered and here are some reasons why it should be your beachwear of choice and why #BeachFreely should be your next mantra!

220,128 pounds. That’s how much trash the eco-loving brand has removed from beaches globally in 2018. Everybody loves the ocean and of course, what do you do with someone or something you love? You take care of it! REEF believes in the connection between a person’s well-being and the beach. Restoring the beach from harmful pollutants essentially creates a clean and beautiful place to restore ourselves!


31,176 volunteers. That’s how much people they have encouraged to take part in 861 beach cleanups organized last year! If that’s not making big waves, I don’t know what is! This year, REEF pledges to improve worldwide impact to 2,450 beach cleanups and tripling the volunteer count to 90,000.

1,000 kids. REEF supports Urban Surf 4 Kids and has been a passionate partner since 2016. The partnership has produced 7 Surf therapy camps that included over 80 disadvantaged youth. This also includes the Hanai and Camp Ohana programs that pair mentors with foster kids for one-on-one support taking them on a recreational ocean adventure for the first time.

They are also a proud long-term partner of the Rob Machado Foundation that educates and empowers the youth to make sustainable choices for life. They have funded water filtration stations in public schools and encourages reusable bottles over single-use plastic.

Earth-friendly plastic. You read that right! There is such a thing as earth-friendly plastic and REEF has it! The brand uses Eco-One enhanced biodegradability in some of their products! That means these items can be recaptured and used as sustainable energy source! Other products include PVC-free sandals and even board shorts made of recycled microfibers!

I could go on and on about why REEF is for shore (sea what I did there?) the coolest but these are more than enough reasons to get you in the Beach Freely mindset! It spans from enjoying the beach in your own way, but also actively promoting preservation and protecting the place we all come for refreshing our senses! So, water you waiting for? Beach Freely with REEF!

About REEF

Reef is a beach-inspired shoes and apparel brand that advocates for fun, freedom, and comfort for beachgoers and travelers. Reef is driven to provide products that are stylish yet functional, perfect for everyone who loves to dress up for the beach outings and travels.

We believe there is a connection between our well-being and our beaches.

When we restore the beach from harmful pollutants we create clean and beautiful places to restore ourselves. Through full transparency of our initiatives and goals, we believe we can continue to improve our programs and allow our supporters to take meaningful action.