Discover the Heritage of Siargao with Bathala Tours

Discover the Heritage of Siargao with Bathala Tours

Mynila Team October 10, 2019 Travel

Besides the beautiful surfing spots and the exciting nightlife of General Luna, there’s more about Siargao you can appreciate and enjoy – you just need someone who knows and loves the place enough to show its hidden beauties to you. And you can count on Bathala Land Tours for that.

Bathala Tours is a sustainable, eco-friendly tour company which will make you discover the northern side of Siargao, where culture and real island living truly takes place. 

You will start with a coffee tasting in the morning, appreciating over breakfast the different kind of beans from all over the Philippines and chatting with the amazing guys behind MA+D Siargao about roasting, water temperatures, flavors and notes. 

MA+D Siargao, is an NGO working directly with coffee farmers from different parts of the Philippines aiming to spread the Philippine coffee heritage and educate the masses about its coffee culture.


From the start you can see love and knowledge – for nature, food, people, traditions. And hitting the road on board of a khaki jeepneys, towards beautiful viewpoints, villages of fishermen, quiet sea resorts, and fascinating beaches, you realize it’s not just about love but about caring as well, about leaving the place better than you found it, about contributing to make tourism sustainable, to keep traditions alive, to protect the precious balance of the environment.


During the Bathala Tour you can enjoy delicious organic food, weave your own basket, have your questions about the island and its people answered, and take pictures of dozens of green and blue shades. 

The Banig Weaving Land Tour is an immersive cultural experience that let you learn the skill of banig weaving. The workshop, a platform initiated by LOKAL Siargao, starts with an introduction about the banig heritage of the island, describing how this humble craft is able to fund livelihoods for the few ladies who do it. During the 3 hours workshop you will be able to make your own woven basket that you will also take home as a souvenir.


Other Bathala Tour itineraries include the Siargaonon cooking class, which aim is to educate guests on how to use locally grown and sourced ingredients and allow them explore the authentic taste of the island and the River Cruising and Mangrove Canoe Land Tour.

You can be part of the effort of keeping everything in balance, you can feel you’re actually enjoying your stay while respecting the island, and you can realize how rewarding it is to love the planet you live on doing things just a little different.


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