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Discover Our New Fave: Singer-Songwriter Phum Viphurit

Discover Our New Fave: Singer-Songwriter Phum Viphurit

Maria Grant April 15, 2019 Music & Culture

If you’ve got friends like mine who are well into the indie music circle, they’ve probably mentioned being crooned by a Thai boy once or twice – or if you just happen to cruise down the YouTube rabbit hole that is the Asian indie-pop corner then you have probably heard of Phum Viphurit’s music. If not, we’ve saved you a Google!

The Loverboy’s rise

The singer-songwriter gained notoriety from his single Loverboy which as of writing, has 38 million views on YouTube, and his latest effort, Hello, Anxiety has been viewed 2.7 million times on the platform. The 22-year old Thai-born artist’s debut album, Manchild is rife with infectious hooks, playful lyricism about heartbreak, and sappy but charming romantic lines. While no small feat for an indie musician, Phum released his first album back in 2017, but these new singles from an unnamed project helped solidify his career as a young musician.

Phum was born in the neighboring South-East Asian country, Thailand, and moved with his family to New Zealand when he was 6-years-old before moving back to Bangkok when he turned 18 to study in university as a film student. He shares in an interview that a drum kit was the first instrument he picked up, followed by the guitar. He started to compose his music and lyrics around the same time. Nowadays, Phum tours all over Asia, and even the West for music, he credits, that started from his YouTube success.


Phum’s music is the embodiment of an aloha shirt, a penny board, and a view of the sunset with a melting popsicle in hand. Without having to put his music into one box, the genre most close to his heart would be Neo-Soul.  Many of his fans dig his music for capturing a warm and energetic vibe, that’s also present in his visuals, some of which he directs himself.

The music video for Hello, Anxiety is a playful homage to nineties aesthetic with seventies choreography, he can even be seen around gigs wearing a vintage Casio watch. When asked about his influences he cites Whitney Houston, Bombay Bicycle Club, even Mac DeMarco’s guitar riffs –and his taste nothing short of eclectic, Gorillaz make the list.

Touring the world and back

Phum Viphurit’s success raked in a massive following in Asia with lovers of his music identify with Phum’s diversity as a “Thai-born, New Zealand-raised artist”, and a growing catalogue that is sunny and colorful. The artist loves to play wherever but his hometowns, Bangkok and Hamilton, NZ will always hold a special nostalgic place in his heart.


Phum returns to Manila headlining the Summer Noise stage on May 18, 2019 in Circuit Makati. Having played the same venue last year, fans are excited for a possible sneak peek of the yet-to-be-released second album at Summer Noise stage.