Denuo – Eco-Conscious Fashion

Denuo – Eco-Conscious Fashion

Mynila Team April 23, 2018 Lifestyle

Mynila meets the founders of Denuo clothing, an eco-conscious lifestyle brand.

We first met DENUO’s founders when they started their project as vintage and thrift clothes reclaiming brand. Now, a few years later, the brand has reinvented itself to the brand it is today: a purposeful brand determined to positively contribute to the local Filipino community – responsibly and stylishly.

Even as a small brand, DENUO works towards becoming an additional platform for affordable products with mindful means.  The online boutique store strives to provide quality reclaimed thrift and vintage apparel collections, home brands made of sustainable and up-cycled methods and materials, capsule collaboration collections, and distribute products with a parallel mission, and self-care products.  As DENUO continues to move forward, there is a growing appreciation for the supportive community that motivates it towards courage, responsibility, and trust.


Who’s behind DENUO and how this adventure started?

Denuo is now headed by Monica Vivar, the Chief Brand Director, and Alex Lizares, the Chief Merchandiser.  The brand started in 2012 as an online blog in appreciation of reclaimed clothing and a platform for up-incoming local brands.  By 2015, the brand and it’s founders matured in purpose through the reinvention of DENUO into an eco-conscious lifestyle brand focusing on honest and sustainable retail means to minimize consumer waste and mindfully providing accessible, affordable and quality products.

What is the concept behind your clothing line?

Using brand transparency, honest and open production and sourcing information, and eco-conscious guideposts to steer the brand, DENUO’s become a lifestyle line known to highlight the beauty in revaluing lost, overlooked, and underestimated treasures and in turn, effectively incorporate sustainable methods onto the ethos of the brand proving consumer power and retail costs can be both responsible and beautiful.

What is the meaning of “eco-conscious fashion”?

We have developed our own interpretation of eco-conscious fashion which anchors DENUO on a course of integrity.

Eco-conscious fashion is a philosophy driven by mindfulness of self-expression and lifestyle.  Fashion is a beautiful tool to bridge individualism and character onto tangible visual style and for us, incorporating realities of our time, it is imperative that retail practices be made evermore meaningful by including and emphasizing the significant impact garments/items have on the environment, community and even metaphysical aspects of today.  Our philosophy focuses on mindful practices that are considerate of environmental impacts, compassionate ethical labour, laborious quality control, charitable profit sharing, and an incorporation of art and design appreciation onto both our products and services.

Where can we find your clothes in Manila?

Our store can be accessed online via  Our Headquarters at BSA Twin Towers is open for appointments online and until February 2018, our Pop-Up concept store is open at Hub: Make Lab at Escolta.

Let’s take a look at their Itangi Koleksyon:

Itangi, from the Filipino word to “set apart from others” and “to cherish dearly” is a vintage and reclaimed collection.  It encompasses the soul of DENUO by housing revived quintessential hand-picked aged garments.  Every item is selected for its timeless craftsmanship and stylish appeal.  We take great pride in our sustainable practices.



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What are your favorite spots in Metro Manila for:

  • Dining: Ortigas area is really a wonderful place to walk around and discover special hole-in-the-wall places.  Korean food around Pearl Drive is a definite favourite.
  • Dancing:  Hands down The Elephant Party at XX XX Manila
  • Drinking:  TodayXFuture in Cubao
  • Shopping:  Hub:  Make Lab of course!