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Crosta Pizzeria: Six Slices of Happiness

Crosta Pizzeria: Six Slices of Happiness

Stefano Chiapello February 27, 2019 Food & Drink

Leaving the Boot, boarding the flight to Manila, we all know what thoughts cross the mind of an Italian guy:

– Am I gonna miss playing my mandolin, watching the sun going down behind Mount Vesuvio?

– Who knows when will I see mama again?

– How long will I be able to go on without pizza before starting to hallucinate?

Apparently mandolin could be replaced with a local karaoke machine, Bulkang Mayon could work pretty good as a surrogate of Mount Vesuvio, and you’ll be surprised how good it can feel not having mama around all the time.

But the pizza matter keeps looming ahead, and it’s a serious one. I mean, one can’t stop having pizza cold turkey, it’s something absolutely unthinkable, you already have to deal with the fact that no one care about football here in the Philippines.

Is it possible then to find good, real pizza in Metro Manila? That kind of pizza that leaves you full, satisfied, that kind of pizza that ends with just a “Yes!” with no “but” attached? That kind of pizza that is simple, affordable, made with good ingredients and cooked in a proper oven?

It’s possible, I found it, and it made me happy beyond every expectation!


The Social, located in Poblacion, is an open area with different stalls offering different kinds of food. The first stall on the right, where behind the window you can see the always smiling face of Neil sitting at the cash register, is home to Crosta (Italian for “crust”).



On the right, you can see four very basic brick ovens, and that’s always a good sign. The menu includes classic pizzas like Margherita (the Basic Bitch, as they call it) Pepperoni, and others, all made with quality ingredients (anchovies, taleggio, fennel sausage and many others).  The menu also offers vegan options, all really yummy, and theres’s enough variety to meet your dietary needs.

You place your order and you go sit and salivate somewhere waiting for your pizza to be ready.

The crust is perfect: crunchy, light, savoury, not too thin, not too thick, very well cooked.

The tomato sauce (so important for a good pizza) is tasty, without traces of acidity, used in the right quantity. About mozzarella (not random cheese) I can’t say much beside the fact that it deserves to be called like this, and it tastes good. So the pizza’s Holy Trinity is there in all its splendour, no doubt about that!

Plus, it’s affordable (that’s a key factor, also because pizza has been a simple food from the start) and served in a very nice environment.

I can go on for ages, pizza (and now Crosta) is one of my favourite topics. But I don’t want to bother you. Just think that I’m Italian and I eat at Crosta at least two times a week. That should be enough to make you understand how good Crosta’s pizza is. If it’s not enough for you, even better. More for me!

Crosta Pizzeria is located at The Social on Ebro 5770 Ebro St., Poblacion Makati – FB Crosta Pizzeria