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House of Mizrahi Philippines
34 Telstar St Village East Cainta Rizal

The first-ever international house of Voguing in the country, the House of Mizrahi Philippines is a diverse group of individuals aiming to spread the art of Vogue and its culture in the country.

The House of Mizrahi does so by holding Vogue workshops which teach students the basic foundation, the five elements: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, and dip, and sub-styles, which include Old Way, New Way and Femme. In addition, the House hosts balls, which are competitions that allows for the gathering of all Vogue dancers and those interested to showcase their talents, and are essential to Vogue communities all over the world.

The Voguers of the House of Mizrahi Philippines are united by their passion for the dance and fashion, aiming to elevate and introduce this new and remarkable style to all interested in the same art.

There are no upcoming events by House of Mizrahi Philippines


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