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Fosca Donati
Milan, Italy

Born in 1981, made in Varese,Italy.
At 8 years old I discovered Radio Deejay, I fall in love with it and I dream that, when I grow up, it will become my workplace. Psychologist and training psychotherapist; I start working in 2003 at a research institute, dealing with marketing and communication: I worked there for 7 years.
In 2010 I'm 30 years old. Round digit. I quit everything, I leaved for London without a precise goal, with the intent to: improve my English, take a break, feel rock 'n roll, sell stylish clothes.
I had a great time working for Quiksilver first and Vans later, even if the weather was terrible and this saddened me a bit.
Then, one day, following an application sent without too many expectations, I was contacted by Radio Deejay for a maternity replacement.
In 5 days I quit everything: home, work, friends. And now, I'm still here.
I love music, combining the clothes the way as I want, and I love the discomfort combined with a light at the end of the tunnel and I adore the vegetables cooked in the steamer.

There are no past events by Fosca Donati


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