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BuwanBuwan Collective
259 Amapola St. Palm Village Makati City
Jorge Wieneke V
http://BuwanBuwan Collective

Buwan-Buwan is a traditional Filipino game that enacts the lunar eclipse. Players draw a circle on the ground representing the moon, and must stay inside this circle. Meanwhile, one player acts as the Bakunawa, the mythical giant sea serpent who would eat the moon: he may not enter the circle, but must touch another player who is inside it in order to switch places.

Buwan-Buwan has been all but forgotten by a generation of young, Filipino urbanites weaned on gadgets and mass media, but BuwanBuwan, a Pinoy beatmakers and electronic musicians collective, label and platform, appropriate the concept of a game they in fact never played as children, transforming it into a framework for their perpetual creative exchanges, a takeoff point for defining their identity as Filipino artists, and above all, a common ground where they can all play.

There are no upcoming events by BuwanBuwan Collective


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