CARIÑO BRUTAL: a Presentation by Designer Celine Mallari and Artist Jao San Pedro

CARIÑO BRUTAL: a Presentation by Designer Celine Mallari and Artist Jao San Pedro

Mynila Team August 2, 2019 Lifestyle

The collection intersects Celine Mallari’s brand Di-Sastre, which explores Romantic Industrialism and artist Jao San Pedro’s brand Ihulma, which delved into Brutalist deconstruction.
  • Adj. /kaˈɾiɲo /
  • Filipino/Spanish term meaning “tough love”, or “harsh affection”

As consciousness and awareness grows about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, both brands sought to explore different directions within sustainability.

Di-sastre makes use of natural fibers and natural dyes, and minimal to no fabric waste is produced. In the aspect of creative repurposing, Ihulma’s collection is crafted by deconstructing discarded/second-hand suits and men’s shirts.

Foregoing the usual format of a fashion show, we will be launching our brands through an exhibit and market featuring like-minded local brands in collaboration with 98B’s Saturday x Future Market, aiming to revive a sense of community between makers and consumers. We found Cariño Brutal perfectly encompassed the midpoint of our brand identities. Softness and romance meets rigidity and deconstruction in the form of a unique installation where the lines between art, craft, and fashion meet.

The event, which features partners Celine Mallari and Jao San Pedro as both a launch and apotheosis of their work together, will begin at 11:00am on August 10th with a Saturday x Future Market featuring Glorious Dias, Denuo, Salad Day, and many more.

The presentation launches at 4:00pm and they will be opening the evening with drinks and DJ sets by Duality, Local Sun, Baby Ikea, Salad Day, Isola Rosa, Roman Ramos, Shah Rukh Khan, and Derek Tumala starting from 5:30pm until midnight.


About the brands

IHULMA is a project on soft sculptures using recontextualized garments as medium – archiving human touch, hold, manipulation & narrative through material reuse.

The project blends San Pedro’s art practice with garment making; implementing deconstruction with female-centric techniques of hand-mending & sewing. Its mission is to take up less space, to destroy, to mend, to sculpt, to bring back intention and to help shift the current paradigm of production and consumption in today’s industry.

Di-Sastre is a play on the word disaster, and Tagalog/Spanish sastre, meaning “tailor”. Di-Sastre is dedicated to the quality, craft, and story behind a garment or object. The vision for the brand came about from the desire to make unique pieces that incorporate traditional techniques and sustainable materials as a response to fast-fashion.

We believe that clothes become part of one’s identity, thus we must return the thoughtfulness and value to the process of creation.