Beating Metro Manila Blues Through Yoga

Beating Metro Manila Blues Through Yoga

Mayee Gonzales August 26, 2018 Lifestyle

Let’s face it. Metro Manila isn’t truly pleasant. The traffic and the awful transportation system can be overwhelming, especially for employees who travel across the region every day. Imagine having to commute to work two to three hours daily, only to arrive at the office late and with multiple tasks at hand. It’s something that can definitely make you mad.


Fortunately, some people are able to deal with this stressful situation. Some travel, some go out for drinks, while some find a hobby or exercise. Living in a place like Metro Manila—with its dirt, chaos, and thrill—necessitates an outlet to relieve stress.  And one of the best yet underrated ways is yoga.


6 Benefits of Yoga for City Dwellers


Yoga isn’t new in the Philippines. It has created quite a buzz that groups big and small pop up every now and then, offering the art of meditation to the young and young at heart. The discipline, which is also considered as a workout regime, can be private and communal. It’s something you can do at home or at a studio with mentors and peers.


Below, know more about yoga and how it can benefit a Metro Manila dweller like you.


Relieves Stress

Studies have shown that yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, a major stress hormone. It teaches us to live in a more mindful way by developing a connection between the mind and body. A yoga session, for example, ends with five to 10 minutes of savasana, a yoga pose that enforces relaxation. Savasana refreshes the mind and equips you with tools that can combat stress in life.


Reduces Anxiety

Are you always anxious about traffic and work? Practice yoga. As a form of meditation, yoga can relax and slow down the mind. It releases anxiety and other emotional energy such as fear, anger, and guilt. Whether you’re holding a posture or focused in a meditation pose, yoga can keep you in a more relaxed internal state.


Increases Strength

Yoga isn’t easy. It entails various levels with level one as the most basic of them all. Advanced yoga levels will introduce you to more challenging (yet exciting!) yoga poses that will improve not only your strength but your balance and flexibility as well. Regular practice can strengthen the muscles of your arms, legs, back, and core. This is why some yogis consider the practice as a full workout.




Perfects Posture

Are you a sloucher? Don’t be. Bad posture can cause back and neck pain and damage your spine. We know that hours spent in traffic and at work can make you slouch but yoga, luckily, can correct that. Regular yoga practice brings awareness to your body and a good posture is all about being aware of yourself. Certain yoga poses such as tadasana, vrikshasana, and bhujangasana can help you achieve good posture. Look them up and consider adding them in your practice.


Improves Sleep

It’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep when you’re anxious about something. In this case it could be dealing with a broken down MRT or getting home from work safely. Yoga can provide relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. Breathing exercises and poses such as restorative asana and pranayama encourage pratyahara “a conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses” that provides downtime for the nervous system. This can keep you relaxed and still, overall contributing to better sleep.


Helps You Focus

One of the greatest things that yoga can teach is how to focus on the present. According to research, regular yoga practice can improve coordination, memory, and reaction time. It can also help you solve problems better since you’re less distracted and more focused at the now. Focus is important not only at work but also in other daily activities.


With no doubt, yoga is a helpful addition to a frantic person’s lifestyle. Other than relieving stress, improving focus, and keeping the body healthy, yoga is also a great way to bond with family and friends.


Don’t know where to start? Check out Flow Retreats, a wellness company that focuses on a conscious and passionate lifestyle through yoga, travel, and fitness. Established in 2009, Flow Retreats regularly organizes yoga workshops as to introduce the discipline and to build a larger yoga community.


Develop a connection between your body and mind through yoga. Doing this can improve your mood and performance, allowing you—even for just an hour or two—to forget the chaos that Metro Manila brings. Find ways to stay sane. It’s good for your being.