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Art of Bodybending’s First Music Release

Art of Bodybending’s First Music Release

Mynila Team April 16, 2020 Music & Culture

Art of Bodybending (AoBB), Manila’s celebrated contortionist fine art model and performance artist debuts her very first music release, the single Mona Lisa’s Letter to Da Vinci.

She’s been hiding her music in the 5 years she has been in the arts community, but last year, Art of Bodybending made a breakthrough by self-producing her EP and performing in various shows, among them, Fairy-ing the Lost Boys, her listening party where she sang her compositions while upside down on a pole!

Her first single is Mona Lisa’s Letter to Da Vinci, a song she wrote when she was 15.

“It took 10 years for me to release this!”, the singer-songwriter laughs. “The song was originally a semi-classical ballad, but since production started during a new era in my life, I’ve decided to inject a lot of flavor from the experiences I’ve accrued.”

The single has a neo-soul vibe, with riddles and allegories in its poetic lyricism, quite a feat considering it was written by a teenager. Don’t be fooled by its initial sweetness, though. As the song’s outro surprises us with a whole lotta spice.

“That part was total improv, it just happened out of the blue while I was recording the vocals. And I decided to keep it as a new addition to the song! I’ve performed it that way a couple times, and I’ve received criticism about this song- about all my art, really, by expressing sexuality. But what’s funny is that all my songs, my photos, that seem like they’re about sex, really aren’t about sex at all.”

Clearly, there is more to her art than meets the eye, namely the eyes of her critics who can’t see past her fine art nude photography. It takes some abstract understanding and creative sophistication to fully appreciate the work of this avant-garde artist.

AoBB revealed her incredibly intricate songwriting process, which she has named her “Russian Doll Method”.

“Essentially, each song I have is a meaning within a meaning within a meaning”, she teases. “Mona Lisa has five. Beneath the sexual innuendo and character allegory, it’s really about the power of art to show yourself, how when you keep coming back to it you keep seeing new parts of you. It’s about the glamour of a toxic relationship, and the loss of self-esteem from depression, but that’s the secret layer and no one’s in on that story except me”.

Be sure to give it a listen and see if you can uncover all its layers.