AMANECER NATURALS: A New Dawn in Personal Skin Care

AMANECER NATURALS: A New Dawn in Personal Skin Care

Najee Chua June 6, 2019 Lifestyle

AMANECER NATURALS is a fresh brand to watch. As a micro-business owner, Anne Ilagan is taking a dip into a new (ad)venture full of luxurious soaps, lotion bars, and nature-inspired skin care for the conscious Filipino.

National Women’s Month just ended, but there’s never enough time to celebrate how incredible local brands are thanks to the women behind them, so count on Mynila to keep giving credit and introducing you to amazing local brands!

Amanecer [ /a · ma · ne · cer/ ] is a Spanish word which means “dawn” or “sunrise”. Quite fitting, given that this budding enterprise is a new start for Anne, after years of working in events management. Soap-making, however, has always just been a way for her to unleash her creativity and to destress — who knew it would one day be her full-time job as the Founder and CEO of Amanecer Naturals?


Anne currently has twenty-five (25) variants of soap bars, and each has a unique pattern assigned to it. Talk about attention to detail, right? And if this is the amount of dedication they place in just the product’s packaging, you can only imagine how much thoughtfulness and love goes into the soap bars themselves! Anne shares, however, that the twenty-five variants are not part of a fixed catalog, and new variants will be introduced as soon as other variants are sold out.

Hand-made soap is a far cry from the commercial ones available for purchase in supermarkets today.

“Many commercial soaps are technically detergents, which are synthetic — made from synthetic surfactants, chemical compounds, petrochemicals, and other cleaning agents. Detergents are good for laundry and for cleaning,” informs Anne, “but never for our hair and skin.”

Enter Amanecer Naturals, which gives the general public the option to be rid of the toxins they are regularly exposed to, which are also harmful to the environment. According to Anne:

“Our best option is to go back to nature and start appreciating its richness and beauty.”

She is careful to only include the best natural ingredients in her products, and is able to provide peace of mind to her customers who want to take better care of their skin and the environment. Amanecer Naturals are all individually wrapped by hand, and would make perfect gifts for friends and family.

Mynila recommends two soap bars that would be perfect to keep your skin moisturized and smelling fresh this summer!

Calendula Lemongrass:


Lemon Square:


If you’d like to take this a step further, however, why don’t you head on over to the official social media platforms of Amanecer Naturals and choose for yourself — we’re certain you’re going to have a fun time choosing from the many gorgeous-looking soaps!

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