Acceler8 – Redefining the Way You Work

Acceler8 – Redefining the Way You Work

Mynila Team August 22, 2018 Lifestyle

ACCELER8 is a community for professionals & entrepreneurs: let’s find out more about this project.

Who’s behind ACCELER8 and how did this adventure start?

ACCELER8 was a mere idea for the four founders, Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison and Albert Goh. They envisioned building and managing a space where like-minded individuals could easily discuss and work together. Inspired and driven towards this vision, the founders got together and turned their ideas into a reality. Today, ACCELER8 has over a hundred community members, twenty five offices, two amazing spaces and one growing team with the passion to keep the community hustling everyday.


What do you offer in your spaces?

Our services include co-working membership plans and dedicated spaces, such as dedicated desks and private serviced office suites. We also offer virtual office plans for those in need of only a business address and call handling. Our meeting rooms can also be booked through the Entreprenity platform or through their Community Advocates. We also have event spaces perfect for seminars, workshops, launches, and conferences. Each of our members is given privileged access to all UnionSPACE and vOffice centers and facilities.


Co-working only started somewhat recently in Manila: how are Filipino reacting to the idea of co-working?

Most Filipinos fall under the Millennial generation, young, vibrant and resilient to change. This generation will form 75% of the workforce globally in the next 10 years and we are slowly seeing a shift from traditional work place to collaborative environments as Millennial long for togetherness rather than working in Isolation. Hence, Filipinos have embraced the idea of shared offices the same way they welcomed Uber, AirBnb. Spotify and Netflix with open arms. We have now transitioned from a generation of ownership to a shared economy.


What, compared to other co-working spaces in Manila, makes you unique?

As an industry, we believe as more players come in this will help spread awareness about the benefits of flexible work space. For ACCELER8 we help entrepreneurs achieve their full- potential and help them grow their business not only in the Philippines but throughout South East Asia. Hence, we have consolidated our operations under the UnionSPACE to give us regional reach and support.  Today, A8 operates in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and soon Thailand. This will give us the advantage of helping our clients with space, providing end to end solutions and opportunities such as funding and mentorship.